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did I just hear what I think I heard?

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Guy #1: Oh, man, Missoula? There are so many people going to hell there.
Guy #2: Yeah?
Guy #3: Yeah, there are all these hippies...

Also, heard at the Women Studies Club table

Me: Do you want to sign our feminism poster?
Guy #3: Hell, no! I am definitely not a feminist.
Me: Do you think women deserve the same pay for doing the same jobs as men?
Guy #3: Whoa, I am not talking about this.


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Passing a girl on the phone on first floor in Admin (I mean College) during finals week:
..."On Thursday I have one final at 8:00am and then a second final from 8:00-10:00pm... uh huh, yeah... so basically I have finals on Thursday from 8:00am to 10:00pm"...
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One girl to another, at Starbucks:

"Ohmigawd, I haven't seen you in, like, forevs!"

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"I always wanted to be a rhombus".

"... You shouldn't tell me things like that! I'm a very delicate flower!"

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"Is it low-energy day? Come on, guys. Hit the coffee, do something more. Do amphetamines."
--Dr. Marshall
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An e-mail sent to Marshall's Poetry Writing Class:
Just a reminder, friendly bards,
Your next poem for workshop may be easy; it may be hard.
But one way that it will not align,
Is by the fine glue of end rhyme.

Dr. M

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Dr. Alfino, as he is passing around handouts he'd compiled from a few different sources:

"I was in a Montessori mood this morning!"

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It's been a long time since anyone's posted here. So, I was walking by the ad building and these two setons were talking:

Seton #1: "I don't know what the problem is... I mean, I've been doing kegels every afternoon!"

...not only that, but she pronounced it "kee-gull," like, rhymes with "beagle."

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"...be familiar with all poets and poems and movements and Perkins and lecture notes and the weather."
--Dr. Marshall
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Dr. Schmidt, on this portrayal of Peter, by Michelangelo:

"there's a guy with a Bowflex".

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