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Technical Fouls of the Verbal Sort - GU Chapter

did I just hear what I think I heard?

Technical Fouls of the Verbal Sort
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Walking through Crosby and hear someone say something incredibly random? Post it here!

At the gym and have to stop your elliptical to gawp at the chick on her cellphone next to you? Tell us about it!

Your professor drop some ginormous faux pas? Or say something incredibly astute? Record it!

Just have a witticism-laced conversation with a friend that you feel should be shared? Transcribe it!

Remember a beautiful moment from a year or semester past that has stuck in your head? Indulge your nostalgia!

This is a community to post all the weird, stupid, brilliant, and brilliantly insane (or inane) things we hear on the lovely Aluminum-Jesus-guarded campus of Gonzaga University.

Use it well.